Monday, May 16, 2016


From winning an amateur fashion show competition in High School, to starting my blog and finally completing three years of studies in Fashion. I officially feel like I deserve to be known in the Fashion industry.

The South African fashion industry is small compared to the global fashion giants overseas which readily allows for more growth. There is so much opportunity and wonder, I'm truly thrilled to be a part of a growing success. I would urge anyone interested in fashion to take the leap and dive into the SA fashion industry with full commitment.

I have managed to accomplish another milestone that I hope will be taking me to the next level in my fashion career, I have officially achieved my graduate degree from LISOF as of last week. I am now fully qualified with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion.

 Thanks to KISUA for giving me the perfect dress to wear for my special day. Stay tuned for an exciting KISUA feature coming soon.

Keep following me on my fashion journey as change and growth is constantly happening.

All images by: Layla Shaik Photography

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