Monday, September 26, 2016

Eight designer clothing looks you NEED to have in your wardrobe:

We often get caught up with looking at what first world countries are doing in terms of fashion, show-biz or just about anything. We sometimes forget that we need to support each other locally in order to truly prosper. SA Fashion Week, for me, is my chance to show my support to local talented designers.

SA Fashion Week was held from the 20th to 24th of September. There were three sessions a night where all attendees got a chance to witness the South African fashion scene. We got treated to front row tickets, nail bars, coffee stations, photo-booths and gift bags each night. The best part, however, was watching the runway shows. These were my top picks, straight off the runway:

(If the images appear blur due to it's high resolution quality, click on it to see it clearly)

1) Heart and Heritage - because who doesn't love pink and hand painted clothing?

2)Clive Rundle -because you'll look like the coolest kid at fashion school.


4) Yadah Exclusive Designs - because you deserve to feel like an African princess. 

 5) Lumin - because they're the winners of the Sunglass Hut New Talent Search and we can see why.
 6) Sheila-Madge - because these pictures speak for themselves.
 7) Sheila-Madge 
 8) Somerset Jane - because this printed bird fabric and cut-out trousers scream edgy.
All runway images shot by Planet Ivan.

Another exciting aspect of fashion week (aside from watching the shows) is a chance to see and wear local designer clothing. This Fashion Week I had the privilege of wearing 'Heart and Heritage' for two nights and 'Urban Zulu' for one. 'Urban Zulu' can be found at The Zone at Rosebank and 'Heart and Heritage' can be found at Convoy Store in Melville. 

Photography by Layla Shaik.

Wearing Heart and Heritage

Photography by Layla Shaik.

Wearing Urban Zulu

Photography by Layla Shaik.

Lesley (Owner of Convoy and designer of Heart and Heritage) and I in her own designs.
Bag by Merwe Mode

Photography by Lydia Wessels

Next time you're in the mood to spoil yourself or in the market for a gift for a friend, pop into a local designers store and have some fun. Lets be honest we all love the fast fashion chains and international brands but to truly thrive as an economy we need to support each other. The best part about buying local is that you'll get something exclusive, beautiful and hand-made if you're lucky. 

Trust me, it will make for a good story when you're telling all your friends and family where you found all your wearable treasures. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Time is a Blessing:

Can you believe it's the second week of September already? If you're living in South Africa you'll know that September brings with it my favourite season, Spring. 

(If the image appears blur due to the high resolution quality, click on it to see it clearly.)

The flowers may have started blooming but to me it feels like we've skipped Spring and went straight into summer. That's okay - now everyone can start wearing flowing dresses and breezy shorts while having icy treats everyday, ah the life.

I bought this dress just last week at Mr Price which I thought would be perfect for my first Spring blog post even though I'm a few days late. 

I am currently in love with these two trends: off-the-shoulder clothing and bomber jackets!

Full outfit from Mr Price
Lipstick from - Huda Beauty in Famous

I'm sure most of you will agree that it's that time of the year where things are crazy busy. Either you're getting ready for final exams, matrics are writing prelims, assignments are piling up or work pressures are increasing. 

I just want to give you a friendly reminder, not only for you but for myself, to appreciate each moment of time you're given. I may not get a chance to blog enough because I have a nine to five job at a fashion publication, weekends are filled with family and friend activities and fashion launches and events almost always.

But then I think to myself, what a blessing to have my time filled with such wonderful things.

Time is a blessing and we need to make a little time for everything we love whether it's a hobby like blogging or just pampering yourself. Fill your time with something that matters to you. 

With that said, happy belated Spring and good luck to all of you with the next busy, few months before the end of the year!


Photography by: Layla Shaik Photography