Thursday, December 24, 2015

Travel Essentials:

Its that time of the year when everyone is on holiday and travelling to many different parts of the world, both locally and Internationally. I'd like to wish all those travelling a safe trip and I hope you all have a wonderful break.

I am going to Spain and Portugal for my holiday break and I always struggle with what to pack and so that's why I decided to do a travel essentials post for those of you who need a bit of extra help deciding on what you really need to travel with.

Travel Essentials on the Plane:
  • A great passport and documents pouch
  • Your smartphone to capture amazing images
  • Earphones
  • A comfortable pair of jeans to travel in
  • A good read (at the moment I'm reading Memoirs of a Geisha)
  • An eye mask to ensure that you have a good rest
  • A travel pillow
  • A power bank to give your phone an extra battery life boost

Travel Essentials while exploring:
  • Since its winter in Europe, a beanie and gloves are at the top of my list
  • Sunglasses
  • A neutral satchel to match most of your outfits

This is my basic breakdown of what you should have on you but everyone will have their own unique twist on what to take. While I'm travelling I will be meeting some bloggers for an exciting international collaboration; so even though this  may be my last post for 2015
keep an eye out for the international posts that are coming on the blog in the new year!

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Happy Holidays.

Photos: Layla Shaik Photography (

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rolling Cherry

On the 28th of December I'll be turning 21, but because of the late date of my birthday I am either never around to celebrate it or all my friends and family are already away on holiday. This year I decided to have a pre-twenty-first so that I could throw a roller skating party and embrace being 21 before it actually happened.

I've always dreamt of turning 21 and my mantra is basically that once I turn 21 I will stay 21 forever, IF ONLY. For the party I wanted guests to embrace their inner "retro" by wearing colourful bold clothing. I on the other hand had a pure white tutu made by The Skirt Couturier , that I matched with a plain white body suit from MRP. Now for some insight into Rolling Cherry, an indoor roller skate floor in Maboneng, I couldn't have chosen a better venue for my 21st.

 What you need to know:
1) They have knee pads and elbow pads ( I suggest you use it! I got mild whiplash after a fall on the day but it was well worth it either way).

2) They have a wide range of animated skates for you to wear from spider man to princess Elsa (Elsa was an obvious choice for me) or even just plain ones.

3) The outer part of the venue, an old warehouse, looks nothing like the quirky inner venue with astro turf floors, bean bag chairs and a beverage stand.
(There's parking inside the venue too)
4) The venue could hold a capacity of around about 50 guests comfortably.

5) There's a karaoke room! (which I hope to use next time, for now the skating kept us all occupied)

6) It's the most fun you'll have, guaranteed.
Here are some of the highlights from my special day and with that said, good company is all you need for a great event.

I had roller skating 21st themed cupcakes made by Koljander.


21 here I come!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

An Ending With a Bang

I now realize why LISOF is the best fashion school in Johannesburg, it's because of the amazing talented students that the lecturers at the institute help to mould into the present and future of the South African fashion industry.
On Saturday evening the annual LISOF fashion show took place at The Tin Factory in Johannesburg. LISOF pulled out all the stops to host a spectacular show for their students to showcase their designs. It's moments like these when I look around at my peers and I realize that true talent does exist. I'd like to extend a huge congratulations to every single student and staff member that was involved in the planning and execution of the fashion show, I was truly impressed.


First year through to third year students showed their designs at the fashion show, one of whom was Nondumiso Gcwensa. She is a third year student and designer from LISOF. She is also working for the brand called Wrawsilke. She debuted the collection she designed for Wrawsilke at the LISOF fashion show. My friend Raeesa and I were privileged enough
to wear the garments weeks before the show! Check it out below:


The entire collection is aimed at the working woman who wants to carry elements of her youth into her young adult life, this is where the fun colour palette comes in. The collection reflects confidence through the structured silhouettes and hence is masculine inspired yet still feminine. The collection also represents a woman who is transitioning from a teenager to an adult. The interesting thing about Wrawsilke, is that each new range will continue to tell the story of this woman going forward, through different themes that will represent different phases of her life in the hopes to inspire anyone who has been, will be or is her.


Nondumiso among her other peers represents what's budding and what's coming to the SA fashion industry. We are really in for a treat, it just keeps getting better and better with each passing year and for that I am thrilled. 

Photography by: Layla shaik Photography
Models: Raeesa E & Myself
Hair by: Raeesa E
Make up by RMfashionary
Clothing by: Wrawsilke

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Ultimate Blogging Experience:

Not everyone knows just how much it takes to pull together a blog post. Recently my team came to know how busy my days can be, just with blogging. I got an offer for a job opportunity at The Sunday Times Fashion Weekly last week to start work on Wednesday this week and because of this I had to push all my blogging commitments forward, to make sure I get it all done In two days before work began. Lets just say I already know what 9:00 - 17:00 working hours feel like.

Monday was crazy busy and Tuesday was even crazier! Tuesday morning was spent doing make up for Hair by Raeesa E's model portfolio from 10:00 - 14:00. From 14:00 our lucky competition winner ,Ammaarah, came to claim her prize. We had her hair and make up done by 16:00, after which she got dressed in her beautiful crop top and skirt made by The Skirt Couturier and jewellery by We Wear Gem for her photo shoot. 
We chose to keep the look minimal chic as we styled it around the black and gold Nomada bag that was won in the competition too.
Ammaarah Essop Waja
 Outfit by: The Skirt Couturier
Photography by Layla Shaik
 Bag by Nomada
 Hair by Raeesa E
We Wear Gems Choker
Make up by me
Our winner Ammarah Essop was effortless in her photo-shoot and we all agree that we couldn't have chosen someone more perfect for our competition win.

Myself and Ammarah.
My top: The Skirt Couturier
Bag: Nomada
Tutu: Gift

Thanks once again to all those who entered and perhaps for the next competition one of you will be the perfect fit! For now watch out for all the exciting things I get up to with Sunday Times on my snapchat: ranaap  ,I can guarantee both you and I will be entertained. Just last night I sat front row at AFI fastrack and the Elle rising star fashion show. As for tonight, the event I will be attending on behalf of Sunday Times Fashion Weekly is Luminance ;so stayed tuned!

That's all for now, until the next crazy day...











Sunday, November 22, 2015

The last fashion event of 2015:

I've just been graced with a wonderful job opportunity to begin working at The Sunday Times Fashion Weekly as a full time fashion intern. I'm so excited to be a part of this major fashion leader in the industry and I cannot wait to get started on the new journey ahead.

 Much of my time will be taken up with a full time job and so on Wednesday evening last week, I decided that the launch of the new Ted Baker collection would be the last event I attend for the year 2015.

It's going to be a challenging experience to balance a full time job and blogging at the same time but I keep reminding myself that both those descriptions entail doing what I love, being in the South African fashion industry!

The Ted Baker event was a lot of fun, with ''The Muses," violinist's entertaining us throughout the night, yummy tapas on offer and an interesting goodie bag too.

Their latest summer collection didn't disappoint, there was a wide range on offer from black based garments with bright floral prints to saturated pastel garments that reminded me of "old money" from the 1920's.

The range can be bought from Stuttafords in Sandton City.

I wore:

Jeans: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Lovisa
Heels: Zara

I'm glad I chose this event to be the last one that I'd attend for the year, it reminded me why I still need to blog and give my readers good content; I am passionate about fashion and exposing what great talent and events South Africa has to offer.

Photographs by: Layla Shaik Photography
Hair by: Raeesa Ebrahim

Friday, November 6, 2015


If you've had the privilege of travelling abroad you'll know exactly what H&M has to offer, fast fashion and quality at the best price , but if not I'd like to provide a helpful breakdown for you.

The H&M store will launch in Sandton city tomorrow and I strongly suggest you go take part in the fun. On Wednesday night I had the opportunity to see the Balmain x H&M on sale before the rest of the world. The stunning bead work on each garment is commendable yet pricey. 

For those who don't know, one of the things H&M is famous for are their elite collaborations with famous designers, Balmain being the latest in a series of famous design houses. If you're willing to spend more than a few thousand Rands (which is actually made to be more affordable than the merchandise you buy directly from the designer house), go early tomorrow, because IT WILL sell out in minutes. The most affordable thing from the collection is a plain white tee with 'Balmain' on the front, for sale at R399.

Other then that, the store is quite big and filled with many different styles, sizes and prices to suit everyones needs. I for one found the jeans to be the perfect buy, on sale for just R159 instead of R199 as a first day shoppers special.  The fit is extremely comfortable, I plan to get one in every colour but for now the plain black will do. 

All shoppers will receive 20% off all the merchandise as part of an opening special tomorrow, trust me it makes standing in the long queues worth it. There is also a kiddies section for anyone interested in dressing their little one in cute "mini me" garments that resemble the trends in the adult section. I was most impressed with the menswear overall, but I won't say much more so that you can all hurry on down there and decide for yourselves.

For the store launch I wore a tee dress from Zara gifted to me by my friend Naayrah and of course I wore a monochrome H&M shirt under. I finished off the look with my newest brogues from Forever 21 and a red clutch.

I'm so glad and excited that we have so many more international options like H&M and Forever 21 coming into the South African market, let the shopping begin.

Photography by:Layla Shaik