Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rolling Cherry

On the 28th of December I'll be turning 21, but because of the late date of my birthday I am either never around to celebrate it or all my friends and family are already away on holiday. This year I decided to have a pre-twenty-first so that I could throw a roller skating party and embrace being 21 before it actually happened.

I've always dreamt of turning 21 and my mantra is basically that once I turn 21 I will stay 21 forever, IF ONLY. For the party I wanted guests to embrace their inner "retro" by wearing colourful bold clothing. I on the other hand had a pure white tutu made by The Skirt Couturier , that I matched with a plain white body suit from MRP. Now for some insight into Rolling Cherry, an indoor roller skate floor in Maboneng, I couldn't have chosen a better venue for my 21st.

 What you need to know:
1) They have knee pads and elbow pads ( I suggest you use it! I got mild whiplash after a fall on the day but it was well worth it either way).

2) They have a wide range of animated skates for you to wear from spider man to princess Elsa (Elsa was an obvious choice for me) or even just plain ones.

3) The outer part of the venue, an old warehouse, looks nothing like the quirky inner venue with astro turf floors, bean bag chairs and a beverage stand.
(There's parking inside the venue too)
4) The venue could hold a capacity of around about 50 guests comfortably.

5) There's a karaoke room! (which I hope to use next time, for now the skating kept us all occupied)

6) It's the most fun you'll have, guaranteed.
Here are some of the highlights from my special day and with that said, good company is all you need for a great event.

I had roller skating 21st themed cupcakes made by Koljander.


21 here I come!


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