Wednesday, December 2, 2015

An Ending With a Bang

I now realize why LISOF is the best fashion school in Johannesburg, it's because of the amazing talented students that the lecturers at the institute help to mould into the present and future of the South African fashion industry.
On Saturday evening the annual LISOF fashion show took place at The Tin Factory in Johannesburg. LISOF pulled out all the stops to host a spectacular show for their students to showcase their designs. It's moments like these when I look around at my peers and I realize that true talent does exist. I'd like to extend a huge congratulations to every single student and staff member that was involved in the planning and execution of the fashion show, I was truly impressed.


First year through to third year students showed their designs at the fashion show, one of whom was Nondumiso Gcwensa. She is a third year student and designer from LISOF. She is also working for the brand called Wrawsilke. She debuted the collection she designed for Wrawsilke at the LISOF fashion show. My friend Raeesa and I were privileged enough
to wear the garments weeks before the show! Check it out below:


The entire collection is aimed at the working woman who wants to carry elements of her youth into her young adult life, this is where the fun colour palette comes in. The collection reflects confidence through the structured silhouettes and hence is masculine inspired yet still feminine. The collection also represents a woman who is transitioning from a teenager to an adult. The interesting thing about Wrawsilke, is that each new range will continue to tell the story of this woman going forward, through different themes that will represent different phases of her life in the hopes to inspire anyone who has been, will be or is her.


Nondumiso among her other peers represents what's budding and what's coming to the SA fashion industry. We are really in for a treat, it just keeps getting better and better with each passing year and for that I am thrilled. 

Photography by: Layla shaik Photography
Models: Raeesa E & Myself
Hair by: Raeesa E
Make up by RMfashionary
Clothing by: Wrawsilke


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