Friday, November 6, 2015


If you've had the privilege of travelling abroad you'll know exactly what H&M has to offer, fast fashion and quality at the best price , but if not I'd like to provide a helpful breakdown for you.

The H&M store will launch in Sandton city tomorrow and I strongly suggest you go take part in the fun. On Wednesday night I had the opportunity to see the Balmain x H&M on sale before the rest of the world. The stunning bead work on each garment is commendable yet pricey. 

For those who don't know, one of the things H&M is famous for are their elite collaborations with famous designers, Balmain being the latest in a series of famous design houses. If you're willing to spend more than a few thousand Rands (which is actually made to be more affordable than the merchandise you buy directly from the designer house), go early tomorrow, because IT WILL sell out in minutes. The most affordable thing from the collection is a plain white tee with 'Balmain' on the front, for sale at R399.

Other then that, the store is quite big and filled with many different styles, sizes and prices to suit everyones needs. I for one found the jeans to be the perfect buy, on sale for just R159 instead of R199 as a first day shoppers special.  The fit is extremely comfortable, I plan to get one in every colour but for now the plain black will do. 

All shoppers will receive 20% off all the merchandise as part of an opening special tomorrow, trust me it makes standing in the long queues worth it. There is also a kiddies section for anyone interested in dressing their little one in cute "mini me" garments that resemble the trends in the adult section. I was most impressed with the menswear overall, but I won't say much more so that you can all hurry on down there and decide for yourselves.

For the store launch I wore a tee dress from Zara gifted to me by my friend Naayrah and of course I wore a monochrome H&M shirt under. I finished off the look with my newest brogues from Forever 21 and a red clutch.

I'm so glad and excited that we have so many more international options like H&M and Forever 21 coming into the South African market, let the shopping begin.

Photography by:Layla Shaik


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