Monday, May 30, 2016

African Princess:

I wonder if it's a South African thing to get excited when someone tells you, you look as though you're from another country and find joy in someone saying that they look exotic and from another land.

This past month I worked with an African brand 'KISUA' and wearing their clothing truly made me feel as though I was an African Princess. I am proudly born and bred in South Africa, many people always comment that I look as though I am from elsewhere, but truly in the twenty first century people of all colours, races and cultures are spread all over the world. I am so happy that these pictures reflect the African heritage that has surrounded me while growing up. 

(Please note that if the images appear blur it is because it is a high resolution image, it will be clear if clicked on.)

Every girl has her moment of feeling like a princess, whether its their matric dance day, their wedding day or being 'daddy's little princess.' I am lucky having felt like a princess in all the above instances and the below shoot for KISUA which made me feel like a princess once again.

Playing dress up is fun, especially when you get to do so with beautiful clothing.

This shoot was done in the heart of Newtown at the back of an abandoned building with the ground below it covered in rubble and dirt. Who would have thought? There's beauty to be found everywhere.

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