Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The RMfashionary Clothing Line

Even before I went to fashion school, it was always a dream of mine to have my own fashion label.
Don't let the stereotype fool you though, I may have gone to fashion school but I've never even learned how to stitch a hem. Between you and me, my husband sews on my fallen buttons. There you have it folks, reasons why I blog and don't sew.

An official clothing and shoe line is something I would like to invest my time in, in the new future. In the meanwhile I have started dabbling on the design side of things, while attempting to use the right fabrics and getting someone more masterful than myself to bring my designs to life.

Here's what came of the first attempt, the RMfashionary track suit:

(If the image appears blur due to the high resolution quality, click on it to see it clearly.)

Shoes: Melissa's at Stuttafords

What do you think? With the right feedback I will begin putting some designs into production, which will be available to purchase in limited quantities.

Fingers crossed, this may be the start of something exciting.


  1. I love it and yessss that is exciting. I also love designing but have no desire to cut patterns and sew �� excited to see the shoe collection in the new future. Perhaps we'll do a collab! ��

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