Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Puffer Jackets

The puffer jacket alongside pink, velvet and trumpet sleeves is one of the biggest trends of this season. A some-what utility jacket, generally used for the most practical reasons like keeping warm  -owing to all the fabric padding, is now more than that. It’s trending.

Filtering down from runway shows like DKNY, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney to South African retailers; here is the list of places for you to get your puffer fix at bargain worthy prices:

1)   TopShop - R1499 

2)   H&M – R899

3)   Mr. Price – R249

4)   Zando – R1099

5)   Cotton On – R674

The key to the puffer jacket trend is that it should be OVERSIZED. After all my shopping research I opted for the bubblegum pink puffer from Cotton On. Mainly because my goal was to achieve a marshmallow chic look. :p

(Click on the image to see it clearly if it appears blur due to the large size/high resolution quality.)

A word to the penny wise shopper; all puffers at Cotton On are on sale at 25% off - amongst other things like the knit and beanie I am wearing below.

There are longer length puffers available at Cotton On as well but they aren’t as padded which make them less exaggerative.  The shorter ones come in a range of colours like green, navy and black. 

Happy shopping!

Photography by Ahmed Moola

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