Thursday, April 13, 2017

icherryefresh Earrings:

I feel so inspired when I see creative individuals thriving in the South African Fashion industry. The brand awareness challenges faced by these entrepreneurs, mean that they need money to advertise their product. The catch 22 is that without advertising it gets hard to make money. The ripple effect is that not enough young South African talent gets recognised.

My goal is to advertise small start up brands and brands that I feel deserve the credit through my personal online platforms like social media and blogging. I aim to empower women like Siyabonga Ngwenya who is the founder of the plus size blog and jewellery brand icherryefresh.

Siya sells extra-long beaded earrings that are such a wonderful pop to any outfit! The statement lengths vary between shoulder length like the white 'Nomahlubi' to the pink 'Zuzi' earrings featured in this post.

Place orders via  the Facebook page: icherryefresh and instagram handle: icherryefresh
Prices: From R50

'Zuzi' - R150

'Nomahlubi'  - Made in honour of Siya's mother who passed away last year October.
'Nomahlubi' R120

There will only be 16 pairs made in total, 10 of which are still available for purchase. I received this pair with a special note hand written by Siya that read: 

Thank you for choosing these earrings I made in honour of my mother Nomahlubi who passed away on the 30th of October 2016. Like her, they represent light, strength, resilience and beauty. I've only made a few pairs because like her, they are one of a kind. I pray they bring love and light to you. Love Siyabonga."

I love the earrings and I'd definitely suggest getting a pair if you're a jewellery junkie.


Top: SiSi
Trosuer: Zara
Heels: Cotton On

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