Sunday, March 19, 2017

RMfashionary: The Inspiration Behind the Name

My blog name isn’t a common word you would ever come across on a normal day, the inspiration behind the name came from my husband. I thought it would be nice to share the story of how RMfashionary was born so that you can relate to it a bit more.

I have always loved dressing when I was growing up which is where my true love for fashion started. Although, I can’t take all the credit because when my husband Ahmed– who was my boyfriend at the time – came into my life, he accelerated my love for fashion even more.

When I was 17 Ahmed took me to my first South African Fashion Week. When I started looking at places to study during my senior years of high school, Ahmed suggested I attend a fashion school by the name of LISOF to exploit my full talent. In 2013 during my first three months at LISOF Ahmed gifted me my very first Fashionary entirely made by him.

What is a Fashionary? If you don’t already know, it is a diary of all your fashion designs and fashion inspo. It comes equipped with silhouettes of fashion models to sketch your designs on and a dictionary of fashion garment terms. In this special case it also included a dictionary of inspiration of all the best fashion designers and bloggers for me to take note of, Ahmed had researched and bound it all just for me. It was one of my favourite gifts that I had ever received, labelled in bold on the front of the book was RMfashionary. ‘R’ which stands for Ranaa and ‘M’ which stands for Moola – Ahmed’s surname.

A few months later after a heap of inspiration from being at fashion school and using the Fashionary I decided to start my blog and to me the name was an obvious choice from the get go. 

RMfashionary – a guide to everything fashion and lifestyle that inspires me.

We decided to do a photo booth bit strip inspired shoot to go with the story of RMfashionary. 

Here it is: Ahmed Moola and I.

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