Monday, July 11, 2016

Behind the scenes: The Skirt Couturier

Thanks to my amazing dream team who does my photos (Layla Shaik Photography) and hair (Runway Rae) many people don't realize how comical our behind the scenes experiences actually are because you only see the finished product.

I don't run across the streets of Johannesburg with my hair blowing perfectly in the wind, stand in the perfect spot with just the right amount of sunlight, take the perfect four images and be done with it.

No, Layla will spend time lugging around my suitcase - with all my make up and clothing - and at the same time practicing test shots with her latest camera lens. Something else you may not know is that I am extremely camera shy but Layla manages to calm me down  and after the first few shots I let loose.

Raeesa adds muscle to the team and boosts me up onto walls and pillars so that we can get the shot we want. She follows me around with hair spray too as if its her magic wand... I think it is. 

We often drive around the city picturing what random walls and staircases would look like in the background of particular shoots.

As for me, I mostly tip toe about in giant skirts and whimsical outfits that make the people around me stop and look out of wonder, truly my favourite thing to do.

(If the images appear blur due to the high resolution quality, click on it to see it clearly.)

If you're lucky, you'll catch us in action. I say ''lucky'' because it will be the most amusing and fashionably insightful moment of your day.  This time we collaborated once more with Aysha Minty from 'The Skirt Couturier' and Styled by Riz Mosam to create this beautiful evening wear shoot. 

Picturing all the BTS (behind the scenes) that I described, I hope you enjoy the finished shoot images as much as we did taking them.

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