Monday, October 26, 2015

Wrawsilke for SA fashion Week

I've been attending shows at Fashion Week since I was seventeen. It's become a tradition for me to save up my money and buy clothing and accessories throughout the year to put aside for the fashionable week. It would take me months at a time to do so; but luckily thats no longer the case.

Being a blogger comes with perks and when designers like what you're doing they are more than willing to work with you. Wrawsilke was one of the brands that approached me to wear an outfit from their new range for SA Fashion Week.  Wrawsilke is based on Anderson street in Johannesburg town and their motto is that they can get the job done for you, whatever it may be, in a matter of hours. 

Over the years I have become so used to saving up all my money and planning for Fashion Week months in advance; so it was new to me when I had to go for a fitting on Monday afternoon, just two days before Fashion Week was set to start. I'll be honest, not having any idea what I was going to be wearing and not being able to try on a finished garment had my stomach in a knot. Either way, I let the designers of Wrawsilke work their magic and just like that they created a beautiful look from scratch. 

They worked the look around me in terms of measurements and Ndu who works for the brand researched my style in order to make something to my liking. Toni, who owns the brand dropped off the clothing for me on Friday morning and she told me that another thing her and her design team pride themselves in, is allowing the wearer to feel comfortable and confident.

If the clothes feel good, you will look and feel good too and i agree! Wrawsilke will also be showing at the LISOF fashion show in Decemeber so keep a look out for tickets.

I really loved working with Wrawsilke and I will be collaborating with them again in the new future, I can't wait! On a side note, if you have never attended Fashion Week do yourself a favour and go next year. You will be amazed at the local talent our country has to offer both on and off the runway.

I wore this look for the third day of SA Fashion Week.

My two toned Nomada box clutch, designed by me and gifted to me by Rafeeyah Hassim.

Myself and the UK bloggers who were guests at this years shows.

Hair by Raeesa Ebrahim.
All images were taken by Layla Shaik Photography.

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