Monday, October 5, 2015

Urban Zulu Look Post

The year 2015 is racing to a close and the constant flow of events taking place before the year ends, is making it all the more fast paced.

Last week Thursday I attended not one, but two events in one night. Both the launch of the Tommy Hilifger Denim store and the Guess Accessories launch in Sandton. These events were among the last two things I did on Thursday, among others like going to campus for lectures, doing my hair and make up with my friends, replying to several emails and having a pre-photo shoot of before the actual events. By the end of the day I was exhausted but couldn't be more excited to show off my latest buy from Urban Zulu which I wore for the nights events.

The dress I wore is a one of a kind, It's  made of a denim fabric which I found fitting to wear for a denim launch. The top part of the dress in bright yellow is my favourite part and the most unique thing about it. The thing I like most about the brand and their garments is that they showcase their prints in pops. The print is not on the whole garment but on certain parts of it which keep it modern and urban but still ultimately Zulu. 

I've just received exclusive news today that Urban Zulu will be added to the SA Fashion Week schedule for a 22:00 show on the Thursday of Fashion Week JHB. The previous show I attended at the beginning of the year was spectacular and if the garments in store are anything to go by, this will be the show you should go out of your way to attend.

As part of an agreement with the brand I will hopefully be wearing some of their garments for Fashion Week. 

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