Friday, July 10, 2015

The Fashion Internship:

I took a bit of time off from blogging over the past few weeks because during my campus holiday I started working as a fashion intern at the Sunday Times Fashion Weekly. On my first day of work I was greeted by a smiling lady, Khomotso, who is the permanent fashion intern at The Times. Her first words to me or rather her question was "Have you watched the Devil Wears Prada?'' - I nodded excitedly because of course I've watched my favourite movie about 17 times- She laughed back at me and said well this is it! From then I already knew I'd love my internship experience.

The working world is all work and no play they say? Not in my industry! I firmly believe if you love what you do and make the most of even the smallest tasks you're given it will take you to great lengths in where you want to go in your career and general life. While working at the Sunday Times I got to meet several designers and retailers such as Lunar, Vesselina Pentcheva and Shaldon Kopman to name a few from an endless list. I got to work under amazing creatives such as Roxanne (The Sunday Times Fashion Editor) and Tiaan (The Fashion Weekly editor).

I, along with the other fashion interns were involved in several processes that lead up to the editorials that you see weekly in the Sunday Times Fashion Weekly section. First and foremost in the process we are given briefs about what items of clothing and accessories will be needed for the shoot that week, thereafter we are tasked to source goods that fit the brief of the shoot from various retailers and designers around Johannesburg. A lot of lugging around of designer goods later we add them to our fashion closet back at the office to be used for the shoot.

Another important aspect about editorials besides the clothes are the locations at which it may be shot at! My task this past week was to look for a suitable location, with the team, for us to do a fashion shoot at. The museum MOAD was used this week as the end result. To cut a long story short everybody at The Times is given a little packet of fairy dust in order to make an editorial come to life, what comes out at the end of it, is what I'd like to call magic. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with an amazing Sunday Times team who have turned out to be more like friends than colleagues.
 The process of an editorial:

Choosing themes, garments and models to be styled and shot on the day of the shoot.
 Choosing an appropriate location for the editorial.
 Hiring the correct crew in terms of photographers, models and make up artists to help get the job done.
 Care of the garments on the shoot day as well as dressing of models.
In next weeks paper what you'll see is a beautiful end result.
It makes me sad to have to leave, but duty calls, back to fashion school it is.

PS: All geared up and ready for some more exciting posts, watch this space - there is a huge upcoming collaboration I'm working on for next week!

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