Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cotton On Knitwear - Shot by Anshuman Ghosh

As most of you know, Instagram has become a hub for people to express their hidden photography talents even more so than ever before.

Every now and again I find myself searching random hash tags for inspiration and I come across amazing posts on Instagram. That's basically how I came across Anshuman Ghosh (find him on his Instagram handle @moography).

Anshuman and I decided to do this latest collaboration together because I simply loved the unique way he shoots his images. He only makes use of an iPhone to shoot and he makes use of a technique called phone framing which you will understand when you see the images below. Another amazing thing about Anshuman is that he has only been doing phone framing for about three months! He started off with ninety odd followers and his base has grown exceedingly since then.

Since the cold front decided to set in, this week's look posts were all based around Cotton On Knitwear. Whether it's knitted dresses, ponchos, knitted capes,  hats, scarves, ear muffs or any kind of jersey, Cotton On will have you covered (pun intended). All of the items from this shoot can be found at your nearest Cotton On store.




I had so much fun working with Anshuman, an "iphonographer" with a remarkable eye for unique photographs. Do follow his page to see more!


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