Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Mr Price Pop Up Store:

So what's all the hype about? The new Mr Price pop up store has just recently opened in Braam. The store can be found at 70 Juta Street which is close to the oh-so-trendy neighbourgoods market, talk about the perfect location for MRP cliental (the youthful go getters). The thing about pop up shops is that they are a must see mainly because they are only open for a limited period of time. The MRP store will only be open till the 26th of May, so do yourself a favour and hurry over for a complete 360 Mr Price customer experience.


Its apparent that the usual Mr Price store isn't really focused on customization and customer experience but the same can't be said for the one in Braam. The focus is mainly on denim apparel but they do stock a few other items, like fashionable faux fur jackets and the combat boots I featured in this blog post.

But wait, there's more, with every denim purchase shoppers can enjoy a unique customer experience as sales staff offer to accessorize your garment further by ironing on personalized badges of your choice. You can also expect to receive a free Nespresso coffee with your purchase too! I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for anything that veers from the usual, so the MRP pop up store certainly ticked all the boxes for me.

I thought it would be fitting to do a full Mr Price look for this post, so here it is from head to toe, all Mr Price everything. My new go to for winter are colourful tights instead of the normal black or sheer ones. I think its the perfect touch to level up any outfit.

Remember, "Fashion is art and you are the canvas."



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