Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Live to inspire: A Short Overview

We live in a world where people are forced to conform to societal norms. You should go to school, you should go to university, you should get a job you should earn money, sleep, eat and repeat.

I guess that's what we need to do to live and have good lives but people end up doing things they hate and end up following a monotonous norm. I was privileged to be given the opportunity by my parents to do something I love after I finished school. Now I have the opportunity to spread what I love through my blog and I truly feel blessed.

When I was little I always either kept a diary of sorts or a sketch book where all my thoughts ended up on paper. Little has changed now thanks to technology it's become even easier for me to share with you all. I recently presented a talk at Saint Teresa's, where I spoke about my whole journey of becoming a blogger. I explained to the girls that my favourite part about blogging is the people I meet and the places I get to see. People in the fashion industry are far from the norm because they are mainly driven by passion and a love for what they do which in turn makes them successful.

In a short overview some of the places I've been to with my blog are: The South African Music Awards, SA Fashion Week, The Miss SA pageant, The Banana Republic and Stuttafords store launches. I've met a countless amount of designers and celebrities like Gert Johan Coetzee, MiCasa, Danny K, The Gangs of Ballet etc. 2015 has been a major year for me with becoming the Cotton On brand Ambassador and working on my first competition giveaway for the blog I have big goals for RMfashionary.

At the beginning of the talk I asked them to raise their hands if they were interested in fashion and out of the whole class only two girls picked up their hands. After I presented the talk six girls came to tell me they were interested in fashion and nothing could have made my day more.

I have come to realise that I don't blog or attend events just for myself anymore, but I do so, so that I can tell people my story: that everyday I wake up and feel grateful that I'm at LISOF, that I can't picture myself doing anything else but following the path I'm on, that when I graduate after this year I don't intend to stop for one second but to work harder and achieve greater within the fashion industry, that I get that opportunity to speak to young students about what I do and see their eyes light up in awe and aspiration. That light is what drives me now.


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