Monday, August 8, 2016

Maverick and Jane:

For the first time RMfashionary collaborated with an exciting new culinary brand, Maverick and Jane. Maverick and Jane is a new gourmet popcorn place that opened at The Zone in Rosebank. The retro-look store is the first of its kind in South Africa.

(If the images appear blur due to its high resolution quality, click on it to see it clearly.)

I had the privilege of meeting the store owner, Rayhaan who talked me through the entire concept of Maverick and Jane, inspired by the store owners passion for food and people. Rayhaan travelled to the Nebraska corn fields to find the perfect corn to use for his gourmet popcorn vision. The corn is said to have a superior texture , taste and mouthfeel than the usual popcorn. After tasting it myself I can definitely say this is true.

The brands slogan is "Choose Adventure" which was inspired by the story of the couple Maverick & Jane who were said to be true adventurers themselves. From the way I interpret the brand its the perfect slogan because every gourmet popcorn flavour on offer takes your taste buds on an adventure!

Some of the flavours on offer are:

From the savoury flavours the "Olive Oil and Herbs" was my favourite. The sweet popcorn flavours got a bit more tricky for me because they were all equally good in my mind. Although if I had to choose, "Hazelnut Rocher" wins first place for best flavour.

Besides the popcorn flavours there are also a range of unique slush flavours like pink lemonade, bubblegum and lemongrass & kiwi, my favourite was the bubblegum one for sure.

To enjoy the fun adventure of Maverick & Jane popcorn tasting to the fullest, I decided to go dressed in a popcorn inspired look. Runway Rae did my hair up in a big way by teasing it and curling it to resemble the look of popcorn. I wore a denim skirt with a popcorn badge on it that I just got recently from Zara, with a plain polar neck top and -the very latest from MRP- light up sneakers.

See the video below to experience my Maverick and Jane adventure with me. You can check it out on my instagram too @rmfashionary

Photography and videography by Layla Shaik Photography
Hair by Runway Rae
Location: The Zone @ Rosebank

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