Wednesday, July 12, 2017

FRAAS - The Scarf Company

If you have been following my social media channels lately you would have noticed that I recently visited Berlin. Before leaving for my trip I was gifted with scarves from the German scarf company FRAAS.

My trip started in Amsterdam where the temperature was around 15 degrees Celsius. Thankfully I had a warm winter-floral polyacrylic FRAAS scarf to keep me cosy even though I mainly packed summer clothing.

In Berlin, the temperature was warmer, that’s where I wore the silky polka dot neckerchief.

Visiting the FRAAS flagship store in Berlin was one of the highlights of my trip. If you aren’t aware of the brand, it has just recently come to South Africa through the Surtee Group. Even though new to South Africans, the textile accessory company is not new at all. The FRAAS brand has been around for 135 years and counting and is available worldwide.

Fun Fact: Around 12 million FRAAS scarves are manufactured annually.

If you would like to shop the scarves, there is a flagship store in The Mall of Africa in Midrand. You can also shop the scarves online on Zando. The prices for these luxury scarves can range from anything between R395 to R11 500 depending on the fabric it is made from.

I think I have a new accessory obsession.

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