Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Art is in the Eye of the Beholder:

My favourite subject in school was art. It was the subject I did the best in out of all my subjects because it interested me the most. It always excites me when I get to experience art galleries, decor exhibitions or fashion shows that remind me about my school days and why I did art as a subject. There's so much creativity and meaning behind everything in art that can open your mind to perceiving things in a new way.

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I was blown away seeing the latest WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery exhibition that is showcasing the work of Lakin Ogunbanwo - a very talented Nigerian Photographer. His work is an expression of his exposure to the South African racial identities during his stay here. The large photographs invite you in as you walk into the gallery - to engage with what the artist is trying to say. What Ogunbanwo is saying is showing us his interpretation the word 'coloured' (as South Africans term mixed race people/a negative word to the rest of the world) in a literal sense by using wearable colourful skins. 

"We must not be looking," as an exhibition is something that I am so drawn to because it speaks to every South African by saying we must not be looking at the true beauty that is within a person since we have become so used to racial profiling. The terms 'white', 'black', 'coloured' does not say who we are. 

The exhibition is on at the moment until the 18th of March, sharing  a space with Southern Guild at Keyes Art Mile (9 Keyes Avenue, 2196, Johannesburg.) A New Wave group show, is also part of the gallery space in collaboration with Southern Guild which shows off some of the most innovative decor design pieces that I have ever seen. If you're feeling artsy, want to experience something new or you're in the mood for some inspiration -going to this gallery is definitely something you need to do.

Photography by Lydia Wessels Instagram: (@_lw_photography)

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