Monday, December 5, 2016

My UFL Style Feature:

I recently had the privilege of being featured in the online magazine UFL Africa. UFL stands for Urban, Fashion, Lifestyle. Elijah the founder of the magazine interviewed me to get my perception of style.

To see more of what he posted about me visit his website: under the ''about style'' tab.

Here's a teaser of one of the outfit posts we shot for the magazine:

Top: Factorie
Culottes: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Gifted to me
Backpack: Gifted to me 

I will be posting more of the looks soon so be sure to keep a look out on my social media accounts.

In the interview, I was asked the question what style meant to me. My response was easy. Style is being yourself and not following trends. We all fall victim to trends because of what's in stores but I strongly believe that whether a trend is "in" or "out", you should wear whatever YOU like.

I used the example of wearing a tutu to work as "my style". I simply wear anything I like.

On a side note before I end this post, I would like to say that besides local fashion designers, my favourite place to shop stylish clothing is Zara. A word to the wise, if you're looking to stock up on stylish clothing for the new year, Zara is on sale at the moment. I bought such cute dresses and jumpsuits for just R200 each. 

You're welcome! :)

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