Sunday, October 16, 2016

DIY Your Own Runway Inspired Ballet Pumps:

Once a trend becomes popular on the runway it's not long before everyone wants to have it in their closets. Before you know it, the fast fashion retailers knock runway trends off and it becomes easily accessible for you at a fraction of the price.

Image supplied: here.

I really enjoy looking at trends and creating my own. I've decided to share a DIY tutorial on how to achieve the MIU MIU inspired ballet pump trend above. It's even more accessible than trying to buy the shoes online or going to get something similar at a fast fashion chain. Let's be honest, trends will fade so rather DIY it.

What you'll need:

  • Craft glue 
  • A scissor 
  • Two different styles of ribbon (2 metres each)
  • A cute pair of pumps 

(My mum bought me these nude pumps from Cotton On for R249, it comes in a little matching bag too! They have the same ones at the moment in rose gold, black, silver and tan.)

What to do:

  • Cut each style of ribbon into two equal halves.
  • Take one half and attach it to the inner arch of the pump by using craft glue.
  • Take the other ribbon and do the same as the above to the other side of the inner arch.
  • Repeat on the other shoe. 


Tie the ribbon into a bow around your legs and you're ready to go.

Ballet inspired outfit:

Top: Zara

Skirt: Zara
Pumps: Cotton On 

All photos of me taken by: Layla Shaik Photography

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