Monday, June 13, 2016

Youth Day:

On the 16th of June it will be a public holiday in South Africa. What does this mean? A day off from work? An extra day to study before your big paper? Yes but hopefully for you it will be a way of remembering that on the 16th of June 1976, 500 students marched for freedom from oppression in a peaceful protest for what they believed in.

The 16th of June should be a day of appreciation for those who were killed in the Soweto uprising during Apartheid in South Africa. A day of remembering those who had the ambition and passion to represent the youth.  The best way to commemorate the youth movement that took place in 1976 is not to laze about and waste away your day on the public holiday but in some way celebrate yourself if you are the youth or those inspiring youths that surround you. Spend the day with someone who inspires you,  spend the day researching a member of your community who is doing well for themselves from a young age already, who is going the extra mile in their lifestyle, community or career. Spend the day learning from and appreciating each other.

For my Youth Day tribute I was commissioned to do the make up for 7 young models for the KISUA Youth Campaign photo shoot. Being part of the youth in South Africa, I strongly believe in supporting local campaigns and fashion and learning from every process and person involved in the SA fashion industry and community. Look out for the KISUA youth campaign images and the inspiring models who took part in the shoot. 

Below are some images of me in a recent photoshoot supporting the local brand KISUA:

(If the images are blur - due to the high resolution - please click on them to see the image clearly.)

Have an inspiring Youth Day everyone!

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