Monday, September 7, 2015

Make Up Workshop by Raeesah R:

If you are an avid follower of my blog you would have noticed that Raeesah Randeree and I have done several collaborations over the past while.
I attended one of her renowned make up workshops, where she demoed two everyday make up looks on me. Her idea is to show the students who attend the class how to do beautiful make up that is not heavy, the way a professional would have done it. 
As she did my make up I listened and held onto every word she was saying, trying not to miss out on anything. If and when she has classes again, be sure to attend as she has great tips for all levels of experience, from amateur to professional. One of the tips I picked up from the class was that you should be gentle with your make up to make it last longer as well as with your brushes, the more gently you use them, the more value you will get out of them. She also noted that extreme contouring for make up is shown on various popular make up accounts on Instagram but it gets a bit scary if you wear that in person on a daily basis. Like everything beautiful in art, the trick is to blend! 

Attendees got to demo the make up on themselves after Raeesah gave her master class (on me). All the make up she used was available for them to use too. She also sells certain products which is a perk if you wanted to take some of the fun home with you. I personally took home a chocolate bar eye shadow palette that smells and looks like chocolate, mmm.
Now for some exciting news The Dream Team (Layla Shaik Photography, Hair by Raeesa E and myself) along side Raeesah Randeree have decided to collaborate for a new exciting competition to give back to you, our followers! The competition details will be posted soon but for now what you need to know is that the winner will be receiving a host of prizes as part of a special make over competition. The winner will be pampered for the day by all the ladies mentioned above, this lucky lady will have the opportunity to get her hair and make up done as well as take part in a digital photo shoot. She will also be styled by Yours Truly which will include a wonderful bag sponsored by Nomada Bag's South Africa , Jewellery by We Wear Gems and a clothing ensemble by The Skirt Courier.

On a side note: below are three shoots that took place with the help of all the ladies who will be pampering you.

Keep your thumbs ready to post for the win!  It's just a  teaser of what you're in for.

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