Thursday, August 27, 2015

Once Upon a Fashion Tale

Once Upon a Fashion Tale there was a lovely lady named Jadelin, who approached me...

She had bright thoughts and high hopes to start her very own brand and wanted to do a shoot. She asked me if I could step in and make her vision come together, without a fairy god mother I was sceptical; but in the end I pulled it off with my ever ready glam team.

                                                 Gown by White Lilly Bridal

My job began with scouting for beautiful dresses that could tie in with Jadelin's company. The Shop No. 2 is a bridal hair accessories and party favour brand that she has just recently launched at a wedding expo that took place this weekend. She has also just recently launched her brand online. Click on the link below to see all the exquisite bridal accessories she sells: Shop No.2

I managed to scout dresses from talents like Vesselina Pentcheva and Jacelyn of White Lilly Bridal.

Gown by White Lilly Bridal

White Lilly Bridal is a quaint dress boutique located in Parkhurst. Jacelyn has got to be one of the warmest people I've ever met and her wedding gowns are stunning too. She welcomed me with open arms as I explained the tale I'd like to tell and helped me make it come to life in the shots we took. The same can be said about Vesselina who is based in Parktown North, not only does she have exquisite dresses but she has a whimsical garden setting at the entrance of her boutique which "ta-daah" ended up being our shoot location! Both designers will see to your every need to get you your perfect gown and if I didn't have a fairy god mother when the story began, I had two now.

Top and Skirt by Vesselina Pentcheva

We spent an entire day with hair by Raeesa Ebrahim and make up by Raeesah Randeree kick starting the morning of the shoot. When it comes to these two ladies I can literally count on them for anything as Raeesa can copy a hairstyle from any image or make a completely new one that she thought up on the spot. 

Raeesah on the other hand has tons of experience in the make up industry and is such a blast of fun and creativity to work with, she always amazes me when I look in the mirror after she's done my make up. 

The finishing touches of course were done by Layla Shaik Photography and well the images she shot are what ultimately tell the tale.

 Dress by Vesselina Pentcheva

Alice in Wonderland who? Cinderella what? The RMfashionary team tells the best fashion tale.

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