Monday, January 19, 2015

A Window into our Wedding


What do people love most about weddings? Dressing up, food? Maybe they enjoy sharing in one of the couple’s happiest moments? My husband and I didn’t even get to taste much of the food, and to be honest the wedding was a fast paced blur. Thankfully, we have photos so that we can relive the moments and also so that we can share some of our best moments with all of you. I for one, love stories with pictures.

For this post I felt that the content needed to be kept short and sweet so that the images could tell the bulk of the tale.

The Décor:

Most people who know me know that I am obsessed with anything vintage, and so picking a theme for our wedding was a given.
The Bouquet:
The Dress:

When it comes to shopping I’m not usually an indecisive buyer, if I see something I like my mind is made up there and then. That was the case with my wedding gown too. The boutique I got my dress from was the second store I went dress hunting to; and as soon as I tried on the gown I knew it was fit for me.

The owner and buyer of the store sources all her wedding gowns from Hong Kong, which is said to be a booming industry for wedding attire. My shoes which are from Socratti in Sandton City had cream white bows on them to match my dress. I kept my jewellery simple and wore dainty silver earrings, because I felt like my dress needed to be the one and only bespoke piece.

My favourite perfume Bvlgari Rose.
 I initially decided on fresh flowers to wear in my hair but I had a change of heart when I saw these exquisite flower combs at Lovisa.

                                                            Ahmed Moola and I.

                                                            The flower girls, my nieces.
                                            My gran, Mama Haju, sewed their dresses.


No modern wedding should be complete without a selfie stick, right?

    And they all lived happily ever after...



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