Monday, July 13, 2015

An Infusion of Talent

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Rafeeyah Hassim, who is the distributor of the Nomada bag range in Johannesburg. Nomada accessories is an international brand that can be found in Dubai and Mumbai and now for the first time it will be available in Johannesburg. I was so excited to do this shoot to launch the bags and so I really went all out to make it amazing. Thank you to the creative team who helped me pull it off.

I was fortunate to have Raeesah Randeree taking care of my make up for the shoot. She is an international make up artist who studied at the London College of Make Up and is based in both Dubai and Johannesburg. Raeesah has an amazing eye for detail and she loves using make up that is good for the skin which are just some of the reasons I enjoyed working with her. Her top tip for me was to use a Dermologica skin primer, this serves as a ''cling wrap'' for the skin (to be applied before the use of foundation) to block the make up from entering the pores of your skin. This in turn makes sure your skin still remains healthy and flawless. Raeesah is by far my favourite make up artist and if you're looking for someone to make you feel as well as look beautiful, I would highly recommend her.

The first step was to brief the creative team on my outfit and bag details, the beauty look was therefore all based around the garments and accessories. My hair was done by one of my closest friends Raeesa Ebrahim and my nails were done by Jahaan Kajee. Follow these lovely ladies on Instagram to see more of what they do.
The make up products used by Raeesah for this shoot.
As for the Nomada bags they are commonly associated with class, elegance and perfection. Nomada is derived from the word Nomad - which is a person who cannot remain in one place for too long and loves to travel! The bags are thus made on the ideal that woman anywhere in the world can wear a Nomada bag and look good. Anyone who loves playing dress up and looking great with an extra touch of sparkle will love these bags too, in my opinion. Nomada was founded in India in 2014 and has since been a growing sensation. I'm so excited to announce that the Nomada bags will now be available on home soil to enrich our fashion sense that much more. Here's to the launch of a new stunning product in Joburg, how lucky are we?
There are a wide variety of clutch bags to choose from. I was meant to pick three for the shoot but ended up picking way more because I couldn't decide on which bag I loved most! The bags can be used either for a more casual look (note the big clutch bags used) or for a dressy look (note the dainty beaded clutch bags).

This was my favourite bag from the Nomada range.

Last but not least a big shout out goes to the South African designer label Lunar, who so kindly provided the garments for this shoot! "Lunar is about finding inspiration in the small things around us'', and boy was I feeling inspired the minute I put on the clothing, majestic isn't a great enough word to describe how I felt. Lunar is also well known in the wedding dress market, make a trip to their store at 44 Stanley to see more.

 My photographer Layla and I had a ton of fun shooting at the Westcliff Hotel, if only I could do this everyday.


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